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Every single day – we take a stand for our clients.
As expert real estate strategists – we simply won’t do the deal unless it’s a great deal and you are completely happy.

Creating an incredible client experience and delivering extraordinary results made us the #1 Selling Team in York Region in 2015, 2016 & 2018.

Powerful Ideas.

Not all ideas are created equal.

The success of your sale or purchase will depend on the quality of the ideas used to ensure you get the best results.

At Jay Miller Real Estate, we lead the real estate industry with creative and powerful ideas that consistently generate extraordinary results.

Back Pocket Listings

Our extensive marketing and advertising program consistently produces many buyer inquiries. These inquiries turn into a large database of home buyer clients.

Before we post your home on the open market, we check our buyer database. We have created very successful sales through our large database of home buyers.

This is also a huge advantage when you work with us as a buyer!

Professional Photography

We are very particular about the photography of your home and your property. Stunning professional photography including gorgeous cinematic walk-through videos are a cornerstone of our marketing campaigns.

Print Media

Local and far-reaching print media is an integral part of our marketing strategy. Targeted to reach various important demographics, our print media campaigns are designed to have people call us, so we can help them understand the value of your home or visit our website to enhance their experience with the online showcase of your home. It’s highly effective!

The Web

Your home will be showcased on top property showcase websites including which consistently generates more than 15,000 visits monthly and 500 per day.

Social Media

The key to success in social media promotion is advertising. We focus on facebook ads and Instagram because they promote your home to a huge targeted audience. Our properties frequently get thousands of video views and tens of thousands of people reached. Our Social Media ads also direct people to our website and our open houses.

A Sign Of The Times

Our ‘For Sale’ sign tells people that when it comes to your home sale, you expect the best. Our clients love that our sign does not have a realtor image on it, rather a brand that represents quality. Realtors and the public know that if it’s a Jay Miller listing – it will have the highest quality presentation and will be a pleasure to view.

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