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About Us

About Ibhar Real Estate

Ibhar Real Estate W.L.L is an effective player in the real-estate sector in the State of Qatar, with a cadre of qualified and experienced professionals who are specialized in the real estate business.

Our Vision

To rank Ibhar Real estate as the premier Service Provider in Qatar and the Gulf region, through following a diversified growth strategy for fast and sustained expansion.


Our Mission

Ibhar Enterprises is a brand-builder. We create emotional connections with customers around the world through inspiring, unique and renowned Services provided by our highly qualified and finely selected outsourced & in house passionate, talented people around the world who help bring this purpose to life for our customers. We promise you to simply be the leader in all of our specialties. Across our company and embedded in our culture are key values that guide our success and continued growth: integrity, respect, open-mindedness, quality and balance. Every day, we honor these values and represent our belief in doing business in a socially responsible way.

Chairman Word


Dr. Moyasser Saddiq
Partner & Chairman

Over the past year, we succeeded in building a golden reputation and image as a Service Provider in Qatar; this success is a direct consequence of the dedication of our people to our core values: integrity, understanding, excellence and respect for the dignity and worth of all associates.

Being successful in business demands total focus; we know our customers meet change on a daily basis and must deliver on their goals, often under extreme time pressure, without being distracted by day-to-day managerial problems.

All of us working for Ibhar Enterprises strive to contribute to easing the decision making process by listening to our customers needs, and thereby delivering solutions and services with unbeatable quality. All our employees make every effort to work in close partnership with customers to continuously demonstrate Ibhar Enterprises is a trustworthy partner, today and long into tomorrow.

Our guiding values embrace our desire to continuously improve, as well as our commitment, listening to customer needs, and being able to deliver. Our strategy is about providing ever better solutions and investing in new arenas, involving our employees and encouraging cross-functional collaboration. It is also very much about sharing our know-how with customers – and joining with them to explore new markets.

Our cross-functional teams work seamlessly across the organization when it comes to business development, marketing & sales, project management and customer services. This constant striving towards improvement opens new opportunities and solutions to issue that are more rapidly identified and disseminated throughout Ibhar Enterprises.

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