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The Egyptian International Real Estate Exhibition .. to Doha

The Egyptian Real Estate Promotional Exhibition “EGY VIEW” will be launched next Wednesday, for a period of four days, which includes a number of distinguished Egyptian companies that display a group of their projects covering the Arab Republic of Egypt at the Joanna Hall at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Dr. Maysar Siddiq, Partner and CEO of Ibhar Projects, confirmed that about 30 real estate and investment companies will participate in the exhibition, and there will be important and new offers of interest to customers, due to the great demand witnessed during this period in the desire of the customers to invest in real estate, especially the Egyptian, which had a strong return other than It is expected that companies wishing to enter the Qatari real estate market will show their real estate projects for the first time in Doha.
Dr. Siddiq also refers to the transfer of the Egyptian real estate exhibition, which is organized by Everest Real Estate Investment Company in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Kuwait on an annual basis, which has met with great success in Egypt and Kuwait. The door has been opened for this distinguished exhibition to move to the Qatari real estate market in order to serve the customers who wish to Real estate investment in Egypt, a shortening of time and effort. In addition, a special office was established in Cairo to serve clients.
Siddiq emphasized that this exhibition comes as a natural result of the successes achieved by the annual Abhar View Real Estate Exhibition for exclusive agencies, which is being held by Ibhar Projects for 5 consecutive years, which is the second largest exhibition in the State of Qatar after Cityscape Qatar.
Siddiq notes that the opening of international fields for real estate marketing in the State of Qatar indicates the great confidence and good reputation that Abhar Projects Company enjoys at the local level inside Qatar and at the international level, and he adds that Ibhar Company has achieved an equation, which is not in the number of projects, but in the quality and credibility of projects as the company provides After-sales services and management of real estate trading for customer service, in order to display the units that the customer owns and wishes to sell anywhere in the world.

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