Continuing its storied track record in the Heliopolis real estate scene, El Batal Developments expands its hold over the Sheraton Heliopolis area with Commercial properties. Built to impress and ready to take on any and all professional needs, Sheraton Commercial comes complete with a host of facilities.

Throughout our commercial Projects in Sheraton Heliopolis, El Batal Developments has managed to attract a wealth of successful partners. Among them are Mercedes-Benz, CIB, The National Bank of Egypt, Spinneys, Merck, PIL, ACE, Breadfast, The Ministry of Foreign Trade, Abou Qeer Fertilizers, Negmet Heliopolis Market, and Avon Cosmetics to name a few.

Sheraton Commercial is spread over four ready-to-move spaces, nearly encompassing all the hotspots and desirable locales of the iconic area: B-Gate, Twin Wave, Twin Gate, and 29 Moltaka

Property Features

  • Semi Finished